Become a Hostess or a Promoter in Leipzig!
Apply as a Hostess in Leipzig!

Are you looking for a new job?

Are you looking for your dream job? Then your search has ended. With our Hostess Agency Leipzig you have the chance of a varied career opportunity. Be it as a hostess at trade fairs or as a promoter at product promotions - You decide where your journey will take you. The Hostess Agency Leipzig helps you with the mediation of jobs. Whether full-time or as a part-time job – apply and become part of the team!

Become a Hostess

What you need to know to become a hostess, promoter or presenter

In Leipzig you can work flexibly as a hostess, promoter, grid girl or presenter. You accept the desired job requests, e.g. as a trade fair hostess or grid girl. Knowledge of foreign languages is an advantage. A well-groomed appearance and politeness are important, as you represent companies.

We operate in Leipzig as well as in other cities and provide hostess jobs all over Germany. So, if you want to become a promoter, grid girl or moderator, you can also apply from other cities, like Frankfurt, Munich or Hanover, for example.

Apply quickly and easily using the online form . Enter the required information and upload a few photos of yourself.


Please allow us a few days. We receive several applications every day and we try to do justice to every request. You expect to hear from us within 5-10 days at the latest.

You will receive job offers from the Hostess Agency Leipzig mainly by e-mail. If short-term requests come in, then it may also happen that we will contact you by phone or via WhatsApp.

Yes, you can. After we have sent you the job offers, you have full control over whether you want to work for the event. If you do not like it or it does not fit into your plans, you can decline the offer. You will not suffer any disadvantage if you refuse the offer.