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Student Jobs in Leipzig

If you are a student and looking for an interesting job, then a part-time job with us is the right thing for you. As a hostess, your workplace is at trade fairs and events of all kinds, in various cities throughout Germany. Whether you want to be employed as a trade fair hostess, grid girl or presenter - you decide for yourself which job requests you would like to accept. If you are looking for an attractive salary and an exciting new job, then apply at our Hostess Agency Leipzig.



If you are a student, you are probably already where the fairs and events take place anyway, namely in the big cities. Numerous trade fairs and events are held there every year, for which the right personnel is regularly needed. So why should you become a hostess? You can decide for yourself which offers you want to accept. So if you are in an exam period, you can easily decide yourself if and how much you work. This is a big advantage over most other part-time jobs!



Our hostesses in Leipzig all have a different daily work routine. Depending on the job you accept, you can, for example, be present at trade fairs for a company and present their latest product or distribute information material. Or you can be employed as a service hostess. In this case, you provide visitors with drinks or snacks. As a reception hostess, you welcome guests, take their cloakroom or give them initial information. You can also work as a promoter or grid girl! Then you work either at motor sport events as a support for the racers, e.g. by handing out the trophies. As a promoter you encourage people to take part in a competition, give out samples of a new snack or demonstrate a new product.

If you already have some experience, you can also take care of special personalities such as politicians and celebrities as a VIP hostess. As a VIP hostess, you will only take on tasks that are related to these special people, e.g. you will be responsible for the drinks service or for showing them around the exhibition grounds.

The position of chief hostess is particularly popular among hostesses. As a chief hostess, you are also responsible for all other hostesses and are the contact person for organisations that are represented at the fair.

Many trade fairs now have international stands or guests from many different countries. It is therefore important that you can communicate with them in English or another language, for example, when you receive them or have to answer questions about the food or the event.

The tasks as a hostess in Leipzig can be very different, depending on your experience. You decide what you work as! If you can imagine this, then apply at the hostess agency Leipzig.

We regularly send you offers for jobs as a promoter, trade fair hostess or grid girl, which are tailored to your details in our database. If you accept a job, we will support you from the beginning with words and deeds. You can always contact our Hostess Agency Leipzig with your questions.



If you can imagine working as a hostess in Leipzig, then you should definitely bring the following with you:

  • Open nature and strong communication skills: You will come into contact with many people and engage them in conversation. So you should like to talk and be able to approach others.
  • Well-groomed appearance: a well-groomed appearance is not only appealing, but especially important for hygiene when serving food.
  • Manners: Politeness and respect are a must, not only towards the guests, but also towards the various business partners as well as the client himself!